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Samsung B3310: a phone with elegance

January 5, 2009

Samsung ranks second in the world in the manufacturing of mobile phones. Whereas, it ranks first in USA in the production of the mobile phones. Besides it also has the reputation of being the largest producer of LCD panels that is used in various Samsung touch screens and smart phones. After Nokia Samsung have several varieties of different cell phones in the market. The latest model of Samsung is the Samsung B3310. It has a highly elegant and upgraded interface that offers various application and connectivity solutions.

It is equipped with various hi-end facilities and comes at a very economical price. It is loaded with a 12 mega pixel camera which has 28 mm wide- angle lens and auto-focus. The camera has added features, such as, geo-tagging, autofocus, smart auto mode, smile and blink detections, wide dynamic range and image stabilization. It is really helpful for those people who are into photography. Samsung B3310 has a wonderful MP3 player that supports various music formats, like the MP3, MPEG4, etc. Moreover, it is also loaded with an effective FM radio. As such one can always enjoy wonderful music through this handset. It is has various messaging facilities like the SMS, MMS, Email, etc.

Samsung B3310 is in fact considered to be one of the best business phones for a business class people. It is equipped with side sliding full QWERTY keypad. This model has a TFT touch screen and a 40 MB in-built memory. It also enables you the support of Bluetooth, class10 GPRS and USB supports. So therefore, wherever you are, you can always ensure a better connectivity with your clients, colleges, staffs and so on. It is because of all these great features Samsung B3310 poses a great competition to the other touch screen cell phones in the market.

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Blackberry 8900 Curve vs. Blackberry 9000 Bold

January 5, 2009

Both Blackberry 8900 Curve and the Blackberry 9000 Bold are suited for both business people and ordinary users.


The 8900 Curve outperforms the 9000 Bold as far as design is concerned. It is smaller than the Blackberry 9000 Bold and more comfortable to be held in the hand. The one form attribute in which the Bold scores above the Curve is its screen. The Blackberry Bold's screen is wider than the 2.4 inch screen of the 8900 Curve. Some people may prefer this wide screen even though its resolution of 480X320 pixels is lesser than the 480X360 pixels of the Curve's screen.

Operating System

The Blackberry 8900 Curve uses the same OS 4.6 operating system as the Bold. The interface of the Curve is customizable but it looks a little complex with a maze of icons and application shortcuts. But the interface becomes easy to operate with use. The Blackberry 9000 Bold uses the OS which proffers the novelty ability of receiving emails in html format so that you can now download images with email.

Battery and Memory

The Blackberry Curve has twice the memory capacity of the Bold- The Curve has a 256 MB RAM compared to 128MB RAM of the Blackberry 9000 Bold. The Curve's memory can be expanded by 16GB through Micro SD slot. The Bold's memory can be expanded by 8GB through the Micro SD slot. The Curve's battery runs a few hours longer than that of the Blackberry 9000 Bold.

Other Noticeable Features

The Blackberry 8900 Curve has a 3.2 Mega pixel camera in contrast to the 2 Mega pixel camera of the Blackberry 9000 Bold. The image quality of the Curve's camera is better than the grainy image quality of the Bold's camera.

The 8900 Curve has a media player to manage videos, music and ring tones. The media player has album art, play list and track sort. It supports many audio and video formats. The Blackberry 9000 Bold also has a media player that supports reasonable quantum of audio and video formats. Both phones have a 3.5mm audio jack for ear phones.

The Blackberry 8900 Curve has an html browser but no 3G support so its internet connectivity is not as fast as the Bold. And its Google maps applications take longer to load due to lack of 3G support. The Blackberry 9000 Bold has a very functional html browser that is coalesced with high speed 3G network of AT and T to supply a propitious browsing experience and superlative internet download speeds. The Bold's browser is functional, providing pages in desktop format. However the Bold's 3G antenna cannot be turned off and this blip eats into the Bold's battery life. Both the Curve and the Bold has Wi Fi for fast internet.

The Blackberry Curve and the Bold both have GPS support for Blackberry maps and Google Maps.

The Blackberry 8900 Curve emerges as the better option amid the two phones because of its attribute prowess.

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Blackberry Phones Perfect For Business Users

January 5, 2009

Blackberry is a well-known name in the global telecommunications sector and BlackBerry Phones are developed by Research in Motion, A leading designer and marketer of wireless solutions that was founded in 1984 that was based in waterloo. The status of Blackberry phones started when in the year 2002 Blackberry announced its high proficient Smartphone that supports push e-mail, mobile web browsing, text messaging, internet faxing as well as a multi-touch interface and a lot of advanced features those are required for normal users and business users.

At presently BlackBerry offers good looking smart phones with advanced features like amazing email service through the BlackBerry Connect software to non-BlackBerry devices, such as the PDA. These days current models of Blackberry phones have color displays and touch screen too. The latest GSM BlackBerry models BlackBerry 9500 Storm, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Bold 9700 Blackberry Curve 8900 comes with latest designs and advanced mobile phones technology. RIM provides platforms to time-sensitive information, including email, phone, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications.

BlackBerry is truly a wondrous device, boasting many features beyond the ordinary mobile phones. The popular bold, pearl and storm series of Blackberry brought the color LCD screens with Wi-Fi & 3G Technology with Bluetooth features. The 8000 series of Blackberry mobiles gain popularity with the models Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve and the Blackberry Bold. Cameras and media players are the common features among this series of devices. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is the latest blackberry smart-phone that is also known as the Blackberry bold belongs to the 9000 series. This is the nice Blackberry phone with a Full QWERTY Keyboard interface and 3G HSDPA Technology. Blackberry Curve 8520 is a fantastic phone with Wi-Fi Technology. BlackBerry 9500 Storm 3.2 Inch 65k Colour Touch Screen phone with full HTML Browser, Facebook and MySpace Compatible. It amazing business phone with Touch Screen QWERTY Keyboard and 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Video Capture capabilities. If you plan to buy black berry contract phones then compare best offers on online mobile shops.

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Blackberry 7230 Mobile

January 5, 2009

Canadian Mobile Phone Company is among the leaders in this industry. Mobile phone introduced by Blackberry command high reputation among the consumers. Blackberry 7230 is another interesting handset from this company. This is an excellent device for all classes of consumers.

It is a compact phone in a blue casing. It measures 4.4 by 2.9 by 0.94 inches, a bit thicker than RIM's 957 but still compact for a smartphone. It is pocket-friendly phone as you can place it comfortably in your pant or shirt pocket. It has a color screen with resolution 24x160 pixel and displays 65K colors. The screen is bit shorter than your favorite 957. The screen is backlit and is readable even in direct sunlight. This phone has the minikeyboard which is among the most efficient keypads available on any mobile phone. Also you can make use of its headset, earpiece and mike which is quite essential for a wireless e-mail device and PDA.

This blackberry mobile features quite familiar scrollwheel and a back button. On the left side of the phone are provided USB cable/ charger. It also features a quick-launch button on the top for the phone mode and an IR port. The phone is equipped with a strong 16MB internal memory and 2MB SRAM but there is no provision for SD expansion slot.

The main forte of Blackberry is the e-mail capabilities. This Blackberry mobile also takes this legacy further. It supports the world roaming (GSM 900/1800/1900 plus GPRS). It can be easily synchronized with your PC. Blackberry Web Client lets you transfer your e-mail messages from 10 POP3 email accounts to this phone of yours and that too wirelessly. You can set your account effortlessly with in minutes either on the web or on this device using wireless internet connection. Because of Web Client, you can sync your email account on this phone and your PC.

Other wonderful electronic features of this phone include task manager, memo pad, calculator, alarm and games. You can also add third party applications. This phone enables you wide variety of e-mail attachments in formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even Adobe PDFs. But this is a read-only feature; you can not edit or save your files. Since it is a business-oriented device, there is no emphasis on multimedia features.

Blackberry 7230 is an excellent device with excellent performance features. This blackberry mobile is among the most energy-efficient smatphone devices available.

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Blackberry Storm2 – The extent of Impulse

January 5, 2009

A number of improvements RIM have added on Blackberry Storm2 over its previous version Storm. This set is rather plugging niches felt in earlier model Storm. Now it occupies as the latest model in Blackberry phones. This happens to be a luxurious set with remarkable getup to have enough appeal. The first that hits the eyes is its 3.25 inch TFT touch screen of 480 x 360 pixel resolution capable of representing 65K colours. The images are crystal clear as one can anticipate from features of its screen.

New features of the screen: The screen is supported with 4 piezoelectric sensors, compared to one in previous version, Storm. Pressing down the screen with finger responds with a click. The users have to move fingers least due to escalated number of sensors. It takes command easily for clicking two parts at a time for speed. The images are rotatable according to individual comforts due to provision of automatic accelerometer. The screen sensor gets locked if it is switched over to sleep mode.

Good photographic accommodations: Blackberry Storm2 is fitted with 3.15 MP auto focusing camera with feature of image stabilisation. In general, pictures are of agreeable quality with support of LED flash. It has capability to shoot videos without problem of storing in its spacious 2GB internal memory. Goe tagging facility is provided in the set.

Does it only look as one of many? A number of products emerge and loose charm of attracting buyers. It is usual on manufacturers' part to bring out refined versions. Creation of Storm2 somehow dose not shed off the occurrence differently. All refinement made over previous version Storm, places Storm2 in the basket of choice. Users who have been fascinated with appreciable all-round performance of Storm will want to explore Storm2. However, it needs to be reminded that performance wise Blackberry Storm2 is worth its name.

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Palm Treo 700wx Review

December 17, 2008

Palm Treo 700wx is a great smartphone that is worthy of your investment. The phone comes with a keyboard that's easy to type on once you're comfortable with it. The backlighting on the keyboard is bright enough and the keys have a nice white illumination. Palm Treo 700wx is sized 4.4" x 2.3" x 0.9" inches and weights in at 6.4 ounces (180 g). It will fit perfectly in your hand to text and call with.

The Treo 700wx phone comes with 128MB non-volatile Memory, Intel XScale 312MHz processor, 240 x 240 color touchscreen display, bluetooth support, 1.3 megapixels digital camera with 1280×1024 resolution, video capture ability. And its memory can be increased with an extra SD card. This smartphone runs on a windows platform, making it super easy to interface with computer. You can use mobile versions of Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Media Player, and more applications with no problems. The call quality is usually very good and stable. A few customers mentioned about the loud speaker when listening to music via media player over the phone. Overall this is a very reliable smartphone to purchase.

CNET rated Treo 700wx as "Very good." Here's a quick summary of CNET's review.
The good: The Palm Treo 700wx offers more available memory than Verizon's version, the 700w. The Windows Mobile smart phone also has integrated Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and EV-DO support.
The bad: The Palm Treo 700wx lacks integrated Wi-Fi and retains the low-resolution 240x240-pixel display.

PC World gives out a score of 79 to the Palm Treo 700wx phone. The review reads "The overall quality of the phone's nonmessaging features pleasantly surprised me. The Treo 700wx has a fantastic music player......Its 1.3-megapixel camera is of equally high quality: Photos taken indoors and outdoors came out well, better than most cell phone snapshots."

Start shopping for Palm Treo 700wx!

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LG Chocolate 3 Music Phone Debuts on Verizon Wireless

July 22, 2008

Verizon Wireless today launched the new LG Chocolate 3, the third-generation of the iconic Chocolate music phones, supporting VCAST Music with Rhapsody subscription music service.

The Chocolate 3 is designed to be a music player. An external front navigation wheel makes music navigation simple. It can access more than 5 million songs from Verizon Wireless' VCAST Music service. The handset also has a built-in FM transmitter, so users can play music through a car. It integrates dual speakers, Bluetooth technology for wireless stereo sound, and multi-tasking capabilities while listening to music.

The phone has optional expandable memory using a large 8GB microSD card.

The clamshell has a 2.0-megapixel camera and camcorder and supports VCAST Video and ESPN MVP, for on-demand links to news, scores and more.

The Chocolate 3 is the first Verizon Wireless phone to feature Dashboard, a graphical portal powered by Adobe Flash Cast technology. It delivers personalized multimedia and entertainment directly to the phone. Dashboard features 13 channels including Mobile Web, VZW Showcase, Get Channels and Search. Customers can select from News, Community, Comedy Central, MTV News, IGN.COM, FOX Sport, Tones & Extras, Sports, ESPN, Music, Entertainment, Weather, Business, and Games channels.

The LG Chocolate 3 can be charged via a computer with its micro USB charging port.

"We are excited about the upgrades made with this new edition," said Mr. Ehtisham Rabbani, Vice President of LG Mobile Phones. "The LG Chocolate 3 helps Verizon Wireless customers minimize the number of electronic devices they need to carry at one time, allowing for a large capacity of music storage and connection to a car stereo without any wires."

The LG Chocolate 3 will be available for $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. It will be available in black or light blue beginning Sunday in stores and online.

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Palm Treo 800w EV-DO, Wi-Fi Smartphone Released for Sprint

July 22, 2008

Sprint today introduced the Palm Treo 800w, a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional smartphone with high-speed EV-DO Rev. A data speeds, Wi-Fi for data and GPS capabilities.

The Treo 800w includes 802.11b/g WiFi and built-in Internet Explorer Mobile. The one-touch Wi-Fi button gets users connected at home, in the office or in Wi-Fi hotspots. With EV-DO Rev. A, the Treo 800w can quickly browse the web and send and receive emails at broadband speeds - peak download data rates of 3.1 Mbps and upload rates of 1.8 Mbps. Average download speeds are 600 kbps to 1.4 Mbps and uplink speeds are 350-500 kbps.

With integrated GPS, the Treo 800w offers maps, point-to-point directions and point-of-interest (POI) searches for locations such as restaurants or stores. POI search is integrated with contacts, giving customers access to the places they want to go. The Treo 800w also has Sprint Navigation for turn-by-turn directions.

The Treo 800w comes equipped with professional email. Microsoft Direct Push Technology connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server for automatic wireless updates from email, calendar, contacts and tasks. Users can download email attachments to view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, view PowerPoint and PDF files, and open ZIP files.

"Palm is adding a unique stamp to the Windows Mobile experience with the Treo 800w," said Stephane Maes, Vice President of Palm. "It's an easy-to-use feature-packed smartphone that will keep users happy, empowered and productive."

Palm innovations on top of Windows Mobile include:

- Today Screen enhancements - Call, text, email, perform a web search and map a contact's address, all directly from the Today Screen
- Dial from the Today Screen - Enter the contact name, select the number and dial
- Voicemail controls - VCR-like icons, such as rewind, delete and fast-forward, for easy navigation
- Ignore with text - Ignore a call quickly by sending a text message, such as "In a meeting" or "Can't talk right now"
- Phone and call management - Dedicated mute, speakerphone, conference calling icons, or dial any number in an email or webpage, all with just one touch
- Palm ease-of-use features - Hard buttons for email and calendar, a five-way navigation button and on/off ringer switch

"Sprint recognizes that businesses must stay productive and competitive with quick, always-accessible information and assistance for their own customers," said Michael Hahn, Vice President of Sprint. "With instant access to email, messaging services and the web on the nation's largest Mobile Broadband Network, Sprint provides its customers the mobile tools they need to increase productivity and improve competitiveness now."

The Treo 800w can access Sprint content including:

- Sprint TV for more than 50 live TV channels or video-on-demand with full-motion video to watch news, sports, weather, entertainment and movie trailers
- Sprint Navigation for turn-by-turn voice-guided and on-screen driving directions, 3D moving maps similar to an in-car navigation system or personal navigation device, as well as local search, intelligent traffic alerts and one-click rerouting
- Pocket Express to retrieve customized, up-to-date web content such as sports, weather, news, money and movie information
- Sprint IM instant messaging to access Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger

The Treo 800w is available today for $249.99 after discounts and rebates with a two-year contract.

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BlackBerry Bold Launch

June 10, 2008

They said RIM's BlackBerry 9000 would be formally announced on the 12th. They said it would be called the Bold. Photos suggested that it would be the sexiest thing to come out of Canada since Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. And they wuz right. Boy Genius says it'll be available this summer on AT&T 3G, with a T-Mobile 3G edition in the wings—the handset can handle 850/1900/2100Mhz for HSDPA/UMTS, plus T-Mo's 1700MHz band. Sascha at PC Mag is reporting a CDMA/EV-DO version as well. Jump for more details like that 480 x 320 screen—and giddy tittering—from sources all around the web, plus the official press release.

Here's the rundown:
• Has 802.11a/b/g plus good GPS, typically a tradeoff with BBs
• GPS is enhanced and assisted, and the handset has better map rendering, says Laptop
• 480 x 320 resolution screen with 65,000 colors—Crave says "never seen a better-looking display"
• 624MHz Intel PXA270/Marvell Tavor PXA930 processor (reports differ), up from 312MHz
• Runs BlackBerry OS 4.6
• Keyboard has 8800-style "sculpted keys," says PC Mag, "but the rows are separated by curved barriers"
• 4.5" tall x 2.6" wide x 0.5" deep, weighing 4.7oz
• Side-loading MicroSD/SDHC slot for up to 16GB additional
• 2MP camera with flash
• Talk time of 5 hours, with standby of 13 days
• MP3, WMA, AAC, DivX4 and WMV3 codec support
• 3.5mm headphone jack
• "Pretty powerful speakers—none of that weak, tinny junk," says Crave
• 128MB of flash plus 1GB of onboard memory (with encryption)
• Black leather back panel that can be swapped for other color leather plates
• Pricing will be $300 to $500 says BGR, a pretty wide (and obvious) range; Crave narrows it to "$300 to $400"

Why the name? Well, since Mike Lazaridis stopped taking our phone calls (blog allergy, some say), my guess is that those dudes are either fans of Goethe or fans of Cameron Crowe. You know... "Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid." Keep it up, RIM. I think it's working.

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